FBLD 2024  Venue

George Sherman Union, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215 USA | +1 (617) 353 5498

This year, the conference is held at the George Sherman Union at the Boston University in Boston, USA.



This year the conference is held in Boston, USA. Boston is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

Boston’s research community is renowned for its dynamic and diverse landscape of innovation. With a concentration of prestigious universities, world-class hospitals, and cutting-edge technology companies, the city fosters a vibrant ecosystem for scientific inquiry and discovery. Collaborative partnerships between academia and industry are a hallmark of this community, driving advancements in fields like biotechnology, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and more.

Hallmark collaboration

This collaborative spirit, combined with a rich history of groundbreaking research, makes Boston a global hub for knowledge creation and technological progress.

Universal excellence

Boston's universities are a collective powerhouse of intellectual excellence, with institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Boston University consistently pushing the boundaries of knowledge across a wide range of disciplines.


George Sherman Union, Boston University

+1 617-353-5498 | 775 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215 USA

Located in the center of campus, the George Sherman Union (GSU) is not only the student center, but the premier central campus events facility. Offering spaces for all types of event programming—from large conferences with plenary and breakout sessions, to banquet dinners and awards ceremonies, to lectures and meetings—the options are endless at the GSU.

Special room rate

Stay tuned for special room rates at hotels close by.


Meeting facilities

Renowned for its spacious rooms, light-filled event spaces, and unparalleled service, the George Sherman Union is a great meeting and event destination in Boston.